Trailer leasing

Leasing solutions for your longer-term needs

  • Predictable costs

  • Custom built specifications

  • Free up capital

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Road Service

  • Over 14 locations across Canada

  • Maximize uptime with best-in-class repairs

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We lease a wide range of equipment with flexible options, including long-term lease solutions and innovative sale and leaseback structures that add true value to your business. With our extensive fleet of trailers, specialized and other equipment, we are one of the largest transport equipment leasing companies in Canada.

Free up your capital

Many of our carrier and private fleet customers choose to free up investment capital for other requirements and lease some or all of their trailer fleet through TIP Canada.

Our equipment – your choice of manufacturer

We have full access to all manufacturers, vendors and equipment types. We have strong relationships with each, which allows us the advantage of minimizing order times. In addition to our recommendations on the manufacturer selection, we spec your trailer to meet your exact usage requirements.

Semi-trailer leases that suit your exact requirements

Our most popular program is an operating lease for a term between 3-7 years. This approach includes maintenance, works best to free up your capital and simplifies the accounting process. When your term is up, your commitment is through and we manage the residual balance and re-marketing requirements.


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