Tractor Units

A large, motorised truck unit with a high horsepower engine used to tow all types of trailered goods.

Lease or Rent  Maintenance

Tractor Units

The correct tractor unit is the key to profitable and fuss-free transportation of goods. These units are the tools of the trade for the operator. Moreover, the tractor unit's ability to handle the load effectively and economically is crucial to a business.

We offer renting, leasing and maintenance options

Do you need a short-term solution for renting a trailer, tanker or other type of equipment? Rental covers periods of up to one year.


Do you need equipment for more than 12 months? A lease package is the best option for longer periods.


Our certified technicians and Class A mechanics are available in our workshops to carry out all equipment maintenance and repairs.


Tailor-made specifications

  • Standard or low deck

  • 4x2 tractor units with truck driver equipment

  • Large ADR tractor units

  • Compressors

  • Tipping hydraulics or other hydraulic systems

  • Fifth wheel coupling with height adjustable fifth wheel plate

Looking for a specific type of tractor unit? 

Thanks to our extensive fleet, TIP has a wide variety of tractor units to meet your requirements. TIP offers tractor unit rental or tractor unit lease from all leading manufacturers and more.

Note: Availability may differ per location. Please check in advance.

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Rental, lease and maintenance with TIP

✔ Fixed monthly payments

✔ Rental including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance

✔ Flexible lease term + service package available

✔ No capital investment

✔ Lease new or used equipment from TIP's existing fleet

✔ Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Popular tractor brands and models

Why TIP Group

TIP Group is your trusted partner offering a full-service truck solution. Providing all services needed during the life cycle of a truck, such as flexible financing, maintenance and repair, sale of used equipment and digital solutions.

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