Powder Tanker

Our powder tankers are equipped to transport various types of cargo, from powder type products to aggregate products.

Tipping powder tanker

This aluminium barrel with its front tipping ram, tips up to gravity release product from the rear of the vehicle, making it ideally for powder type products.

  • A range of different capacity aluminium barrels
  • LAG manways with 4 bolt lids & 4” storz filling points
  • 3 x axles and alloy wheels
  • Stainless steel conical rear outlet cone
  • Burgmer butterfly valve and st/st discharge elbow
  • Electric & hydraulic tipping controls
  • Full double catwalk and handrail
  • Large aluminium storage box and plastic hose tubes


The bottom discharge features of this unique tanker type make it perfect for the carriage of aggregate products, including cement.

  • A range of different capacity alumnium barrels
  • Multiple hopper options
  • 3 x 450mm manways with 4 bolts
  • 3 x axles and alloy wheels
  • Rear 3” vent line and a 4” fill line
  • Manually operated 4” pinch valves and 4” pipework
  • 4” Unicone couplings and caps
  • 2 x 6.2m plastic hose tubes at OS and 1 x 3m at NS
  • Access ladder, catwalk and handrail on near side
  • Large plastic storage box fitted to nearside

Note: Options displayed are the most commonly used, for more information please contact us.


TIP offers powder tanker rental and leasing. Are you looking for a specific powder tanker? Contact us. Due to our large fleet, we have different types of powder tankers in our range to meet your requirements.

TIP offers powder tankers on a short-term rental or a long term lease basis from all of the leading manufacturers and others. Please note, the available trailers may differ per location. Ask for availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a powder tanker? Then take a look at the  TIP Sales site.

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