Powder Tanker

A tipping or non-tipping aluminium-bodied tanker equipped to carry dry cargo.

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Powder Tanker

Powder tankers are characterised by their aluminium cylindrical bodies. Their speciality is transporting dry cargo. Cargo ranges from cement and food to aggregates as well as plastics in powder or fine granular form.

Two types of tankers

Tipping powder tanker

A tipping powder tanker features an inboard hydraulic ram that raises the body from the front. This process facilitates gravitational rear unloading of cargo.

TIP offers tipping powder tankers in a range of different body sizes. These have electric and hydraulic ram controls, a full double catwalk, handrail and stainless steel rear outlet cones.

A powder tanker features LAG manways with 4 bolt lids and 4” Storz filling points with Burgmer butterfly valve and stainless-steel discharge elbow.

Non-tipping powder tanker

Non-tipping powder tankers feature a bottom discharge system. This design makes them ideal for use as a cement tanker or for fine aggregates. The aluminium body is available in various capacities and multiple hopper options.

Manually operated 4” pinch valves and pipework handle the unloading. Meanwhile, 3 x 450mm 4-bolt manways run along the top. A rear 3” vent line and 4” fill line, together with an access ladder, catwalk and handrail, on the near side, complete the line-up.

Both tipping and non-tipping powder and cement tankers have triple axles. The specifications above represent the most common fittings.

Looking for a specific type of powder tanker?

Thanks to our large fleet, TIP has a variety of powder and cement tankers in our range to meet your requirements. TIP offers powder and cement tankers on short-term rental or long-term lease basis from all leading manufacturers and more.

Note: Availability of tankers may differ per location. Please check in advance.

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