Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) - Strategy


"We truly believe that there is an unwritten generational contract in place, every generation is  taking over the world as the previous generation has left it and every generation is metaphorically planting seeds in a garden it might never get to see.

This is the reason why the vision statement for our ESG Strategy is 'for Generations to Come – Paving the road to sustainability'.We must ask ourselves, what is the role we want to play during these transformational times.

By including sustainability objectives in our corporate strategy and outlining our sustainability ambitions through our ESG Strategy we have given a strong response to that question."


Bob Fast

Bob Fast 
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Our ESG Commitments

  • become carbon neutral by 2050
  • reduce Gender Pay Gap
  • refurbish 5,300 units by 2025
  • connect 35k units with TIP Insight by 2025
  • reach 99% LED Lighting in workshops by 2025

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ESG Strategy

Seven ESG programs for paving the road to sustainability

ESG Strategy

Our ESG Strategy (Video)

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