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We truly believe that there is an unwritten generational contract in place, every generation is taking over the world as the previous generation has left it and every generation is metaphorically planting seeds in a garden it might never get to see.

Bob Fast, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Fast Sustainability


TIP Group’s sustainability strategy is based on a double materiality assessment. In 2023, we conducted our first full materiality assessment; the purpose of this assessment was to identify the company’s material topics — i.e., those areas where TIP Group can create most value for the company, its stakeholders and society. 

Read and download our 2022 Sustainability report, which details our progress on our ESG topics:

Our key targets to support our ESG Strategy:

  • Achieving carbon neutral operations by 2030 and a carbon neutrality in scope 3 by 2050 ---> We want to reduce our carbon emissions by meaningful actions as much as possible to demonstrate our commitment to the EU’s goal of a low carbon economy.
  • Reducing the company’s gender pay gap ---> To promote fairness, equality and diversity at all levels at TIP Group.
  • Refurbishing 5,300 units by 2025 ---> Extending the lifespan of assets reduces waste generation and increases resource efficiency, ultimately minimizing the need for new resource extraction and production.
  • Equipping at least 35,000 trailers with TIP Insight by the end of 2025 ---> Real-time visibility and advanced analytics that will deliver improved decision-making and connected operations for our customers.
  • Upgrading 99% of our workshops to LED lighting ---> Significantly reducing energy consumption at our workshops decreases our carbon emissions, contributing to carbon neutral operations by 2030.

Seven flagship programs underpin our Sustainability Strategy


ESG Ratings

To benchmark our sustainability performance and help us identify potential areas of improvement, we sought ratings from EcoVadis and Sustainalytics, two independent rating agencies. Read more about it here.

ESG Ratings TIP Group

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