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We enable our customers to achieve their sustainability, efficiency and safety targets faster and at bigger scale


As an industry leader, TIP takes the responsibility driving the industry towards sustainability to improve the health of our planet. We enable our customers to achieve their efficiency and safety targets faster and at bigger scale. Innovations are the solution to maintain an efficient, safe and sustainable ecosystem everywhere we operate. 

How do we make it happen?  
TIP co-creates innovation solutions within its Innovation Committee together with various industry partners to improve the planet and support businesses in becoming more competitive. 

Innovation Solutions

e-reefer BO

Emission free temperature-controlled transport, with a Battery Only e-reefer powered by the grid. Replenish power during stops, loading, unloading, or parking

e-reefer ERA

Emission free temperature-controlled transport, with Energy Recuperation Axle, which harnesses kinetic energy to charge built-in batteries while in motion

e-trucks :electric:


Emission free truck engines, for more sustainable transport. Second generation EV-Trucks with significant improvements for your operations & cost advantages

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Secure Truck Parking

Strategically located e-hubs, with Secure Truck Parking, workshops, driver amenities, e-charging, H2, cross-docking



Provides users with the ability to digitally check (inspect) the condition of an asset, anytime, anywhere.
By documenting damages, owners can trace the responsible party, and rebill them accordingly.

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Next generation tyre pressure monitoring solution, that is specifically designed to reduce fleet running costs and to improve vehicle safety.
Thanks to TyrePlus, fleet managers will have the capacity to receive status reports on tyres through FleetConnected, including an early warning in case of anomalies.

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Coming in 2024

e-reefer solar :electric:

e-reefer solar

A solar powered electric reefer trailer is a configuration where a reefer is fitted with solar panels o the roof which are then used to generate energy for the built-in batteries which then supply the refrigeration system with power.

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Carrier as a Subcontractor

Carrier as a Subcontractor

CaaS is an innovative model that allows shippers and carriers to pool resources and benefit from economies of scale in transporting goods, reducing the risk an investment in innovation brings.

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e-charging :electric:


Supporting our TIP customers and all users of electric and H2 vehicles, with the energy transition of their fleets.
Facilitating E-Charging stations at our SSTP’s, supporting need for large charging network along international European transport corridors

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e-trailer :electric:


Primary drive support of tractor unit, significantly lowering fuel consumption. Energy recovery during braking, drive control system operates independent from tractor.
e-trailer types: ZF, WAE and Trailer Dynamics and the Eco Trailer; Schmitz

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We are looking for partners

Innovation partner

Innovation partner

As industry leader we are always looking for partners to provide solutions to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem.
Whether you have a disruptive idea, want to innovate together with TIP Group or want to offer your existing product or service: please get in touch by filling out the form or send an e-mail to

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Location partner

Location partner

If you own or operate a truck parking facility and are interested in exploring a partnership with TIP Group, please fill out the form or contact Theo de Vries directly at

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