As an industry leader, TIP take the responsibility driving the industry towards sustainability to improve the health of our planet. We enable our customers to achieve their efficiency and safety targets faster and at bigger scale. Innovationsare the solution to maintain an efficient, safe and sustainable ecosystem everywhere we operate.  


How do we make it happen?  
TIP co-creates innovations within its Innovation committee
and together with various industry partners to improve the planet and support businesses in becoming more competitive. 


The e-reefer 

TIP is actively looking into electrical Trailer Refrigeration Units (TRU) that can operate with zero emission. The benefits of such sustainable innovations for temperature-controlled trailers contribute to emission reduction goals, cleaner and quieter cities, and reducing dependence on facilities and costs for fuel. 

Together with its partners, TIP has launched the e-reefer, a zero-emission battery-electric reefer engine. This breakthrough innovation in temperature-controlled transport keeps freight chilled at temperatures down to -25°C by using 100% green energy. CO2 emission savings are directly proportional to energy savings.  

With our innovations, we pave the way in achieving net zero carbon emissions in refrigerated transport.