Swap Body Curtainsider

Swap body curtainsider: An interchangeable flatbed freight container with retractable side curtains that are simple to connect or separate from a tractor unit.

Curtainsiders are one of the most flexible and popular forms of cargo moving trailers due to their ease of loading and unloading. This flexibility is further enhanced when the curtainsider is mounted on an interchangeable chassis.

TIP swap body curtainside trailers offer the ultimate combination of efficient cargo removal and fast turnaround. Downtime is minimal, making the swap body curtainside trailer ideal for depot distribution of fast-moving consumer products.



  • 7.45m
  • 7.82m


  • Sliding roof
  • Rail codification S30C30
  • Rear doors

Optional equipment:

  • Headboard protection in thick plywood 9 x 750 mm
  • Telescopic feet (parking height 1,200 – 1,320 mm)
  • 4 rows of wood insert strips
  • Lifting roof

Swap body curtainsider rental, lease and maintenance

TIP offers swap body curtainsider rental or lease with flexible, cost-effective packages. These packages reduce financial headaches, allowing you to concentrate on transport logistics.

For a swap body curtainside trailer as a short-term solution, TIP's rental service is the answer. TIP rental covers periods of up to one year. Alternatively, for a long-term solution to logistics problems, opt for a TIP swap body curtainside lease.

Flexible yet stable and sustainable rental and lease options, plus maintenance and servicing packages, offer real-world solutions to your transport requirements.


  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Swap body curtainside trailer rental, including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance
  • Flexible swap body curtainside trailer lease plus service package available
  • No capital investment
  • Lease a new swap body curtainsider or one from TIP's existing fleet
  • Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Please Note: Are you looking for a specific type of swap body curtainsider? Contact us. Thanks to our extensive fleet, TIP has a wide variety of swap body curtainside trailers to meet your requirements.

TIP offers swap body curtainside trailer rental or swap body curtainside lease from all leading manufacturers and more. Please note availability may differ per location. Check trailer availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a swap body curtainsider? Then please look at the   TIP used site.



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