Swap body van

A swap body van steel is an exchangeable freight container that can easily be separated from the carrier.


  • 7.45m
  • 7.82m

Standard equipment:

  • Rear doors
  • Rail codification
  • Keylocking system

Optional equipment:

  • Telescopic feet (height 1,200 – 1,320 mm)
  • Headboard ram protection in thick plywood 12 x 300mm
  • Roller shutter
  • Double deck
  • Keyhole design (garment)

Dimensions (in m.)

7,45 7,45 7,82
Codification height CS0C30 S53C53 S70C70
A Internal length 7.310 7.310 7.680
B Internal width 2.470 2.470 2.480
C Internal height 2.525 2.750 2.950
D External height 2.750 2.980 3.150
E External length 7.450 7.450 7.820


Note: Options displayed are the most commonly used, for more information please contact us.

TIP offers swap body van rental and leasing. Are you looking for a specific swap body van? Contact us. Due to our large fleet, we have different types of swap body vans in our range to meet your requirements.

TIP offers swap body vans on a short-term rental or a long term lease basis from all of the leading manufacturers and others. Please note, the available trailers may differ per location. Ask for availability in advance.

Are you interested in buying a swap body van? Then take a look at the  TIP Used site.

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