Container Chassis

Intermodal container chassis are integral to transporting the world's goods. Choose from flexible container chassis lease and service packages.

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Container Chassis

A skeletal trailer chassis for the transportation of shipping containers.

What is a container chassis?

This type of purpose-built trailer features an exposed ladder frame chassis to transport shipping containers. The body is easy and quick to secure once the container lowers onto the chassis. It achieves this thanks to twist-lock fittings attached to the framework.

TIP is proud to offer both fixed and multifunctional container chassis. The fixed container chassis, or skeletal trailer, has a standardised fixed trellis chassis. This chassis is capable of carrying large shipping containers.

The adjustability of the multifunctional container chassis offers increased flexibility to road hauliers. These trailers can carry one 45ft or two 20ft containers.

Why do you need a container chassis from TIP?

Containerised marine cargo handles over 80% of global trade, making intermodal container chassis integral to transporting the world's goods. TIP is one of the most respected names in the trailer rental and lease industry. We can supply most types of container chassis.

As well as fixed frame and multifunctional options, TIP offers 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft container chassis and special versions. These include tipping, gooseneck and tank chassis.

We offer renting, leasing and maintenance options

Do you need a short-term solution for renting a trailer, tanker or other type of equipment? Rental covers periods of up to one year.


Do you need equipment for more than 12 months? A lease package is the best option for longer periods.


Our certified technicians and Class A mechanics are available in our workshops to carry out all equipment maintenance and repairs.


Rental, lease and maintenance with TIP

✔ Fixed monthly payments

✔ Rental including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance

✔ Flexible lease term + service package available

✔ No capital investment

✔ Lease new or used equipment from TIP's existing fleet

✔ Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Container chassis options

Why TIP Group

TIP Group is your trusted partner offering a full-service truck solution. Providing all services needed during the life cycle of a truck, such as flexible financing, maintenance and repair, sale of used equipment and digital solutions.

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