Top 25 Transport Fleet Management software

If your transportation fleet is growing due to increasing customer demands, or perhaps, after a merger, you will need to find a way to keep an eye on all your trailers.  Can you track your trailers in real-time? How easily can you collect an extra load on the journey? Are your invoicing and delivery procedures as paperless as possible? Transport fleet management requires specific skills and special software. The benefits of fleet management software are impressive. One of them is that fleet and transport managers can generate real-time reports on activity and profitability. The Finance department can then use this data to manage all invoices.

A new baby for IT

With the right fleet management software you can schedule your maintenance and ensure that your trailers are in optimal condition. Even Human Resources will be happy with fleet management software as it will enable them to analyse the productivity of drivers and their compliance with safety rules.

Finally, your IT department will have a new baby to look after. With all of your logistics data integrated into a centralised database, your management team will have quicker access to valuable data and more visibility on activity across the company. These factors can make significant contributions to achieving greater profitability.   

Positively reviewed

Developing a list of best-selling or best-reviewed software is an ever-changing challenge. We have created an alphabetical list from various sources with solutions that will help you keep track of your trailers and manage them through their life cycle, whether your fleet consists of five or 5,000 vehicles. With GPS tracking, reporting and monitoring, fleet management software ensures your trailer fleet is equipped to handle all transportation needs.

Transport Fleet Management software for Europe

In our Top 25 Fleet management software we have combined the best-selling fleet management software with the best POSITIVELY reviewed fleet management software. This combination consists solely of fleet management software companies that deliver a European service. Many other suppliers leave Europe out of their service zone, as they consider this region to be too complicated to handle with the diversity of its many languages.

The Top 25 Fleet management software list will give you an initial view on what Fleet Management software others use. To make this Top 25 an even stronger and more valuable resource for everyone, we are interested in hearing about your experiences of fleet management software. Please share your views in the comments section below this page and we will update this list periodically.



Avrios provides a connected, easy-to-use platform, to manage your vehicles over their entire lifecycle – their procurement, administration, financial controlling and disposal. TCO monitoring, fuel consumption reports, tire management, vehicle and driver record, fuel card management.

Control your whole fleet in one platform, calculate TCO in seconds and download in-depth reports. Save 30% of costs and 75% of administrative time with suppliers. No more excel spreadsheets and piles of paperwork, ISO-certified quality data.

Country of origin: Switzerland with UK/European sales and support



Azuga turns vehicles in motion into intelligent assets. Azuga is used to improve safety, efficiency and profitability. Improve service levels and save money using one powerful analytics platform where you can tap into the richest set of data available on fleet activity.

Country of origin: US with European sales and support



Global supplier of vehicle tracking, fleet management and insurance telematics solutions. route optimisation, job delivery scheduling, sending alerts in case of incidents. With Ctrack you can compare individual vehicle and driver performance and identify issues such as poor fuel economy or potential fuel theft.

Reports may be automated and received via email, and tracking software gives the ability to drill down to a specific location and time. Save on fuel and maintenance costs, while minimising environmental impact monitored by carbon emissions (CO2) reporting.

Country of origin: US with European sales and support


Crystal Ball

Improves the visibility of your mobile workforce, “because you can’t manage, what you don’t measure.” Reduce operational costs with vehicle tracking. Award winning solution to improve driver behaviour with in-vehicle cameras.

Increase productivity with mobile tracking, ensure safety with lone worker protection and boost efficiency with field service management.

Country of origin: UK with European sales and support



Manage your fleet, plan daily operations of your mobile teams and monitor your trailers, containers or other mobile assets in real time. With its geolocation systems and monitoring in real-time, Emixis meets your expectations. Emixis designs customized equipment and services so that you can plan and track the movements of your teams, your vehicles and your mobile valuables.

Theft protection, planning and dispatching reports. All devices and geolocation equipment are manufactured in-house in Belgium.

Country of origin: Belgium with UK/European sales and support



E-TMS offers is the possibility to assign and unassign loads to vehicles or trailers in a dynamic and visual way with “drag & drop”. This technology facilitates the work of transport agents especially in companies of Full Load, cargo assembly or agencies, working in a friendly and easy environment. Delivery and pick-up alarms in case of delays. Lists or daily statistics. Electronic invoices are scanned conform the latest standards.

The E-FMS module covers all control of and scheduling of predictive and preventive maintenance and repairs, history of positioning of tires, fuel consumption and invoicing from suppliers and to customers. Interface with the statistics module for data mining. Route optimising and toll integration.

Country of origin: Spain with UK/European sales and support



FleetFocus tracks all functions related to the maintenance of vehicles and equipment, including processing repair and preventive maintenance PM work orders, capturing operating expenses (fuel, oil, and licensing), and offers billing and tracking for vehicle equipment usage.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support



Fleetio’s suite of fleet management solutions helps fleets of all sizes automate fleet operations and track drivers. You can track, score and rank your drivers, manage maintenance, fuel, vehicle inspections, parts + more.

Fleetio offers fuel card automation plus integration with multiple telematics solutions for automated odometer updates, DTC handling and fuel location reporting.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support


Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro is maintenance tracking software that makes quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repairs maintenance information for your fleet. It is flexible enough to let you track as much or as little information as you need, and automated and color-coded PM alerts will ensure that you when a certain vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service. Any unexpected maintenance performed on a vehicle will also be recorded and saved.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support



GPS fleet tracking solution to decrease costs, delight customers and improve productivity. With GPS fleet tracking, you have a complete picture of what happens in the field, from the time of departure to the time of delivery. Our vehicle tracking solutions are intelligent and innovative, providing the data you need to make better business decisions.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support



FleetWave is a modular web-based enterprise fleet management software for use with multiple types of vehicles, including cars, vans, commercial vehicles, off-road equipment, special equipment, and more. FleetWave can be used internationally, with support for country-specific compliance legislation requirements, including Department of Transportation inspections.

Country of origin: UK with UK/European sales and support



Geotab delivers end-to-end telematics technology and full-featured solutions help businesses of all sizes better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips and vehicle data.

Country of origin: Canada with UK/European sales and support



GSMtasks gives a full overview of your company’s in-progress and scheduled tasks – visualised on the map with the driver’s current location and where they’re headed next. GSMtasks can be integrated into your current management systems, including customer relations, warehouse and sales providing a seamless flow of information.

Complete analytics, digital signatures, real-time updates, route optimisation, mobile app for drivers, drag & drop management and digital documents.

Country of origin: Estonia with UK/European sales and support



Instant insight into operational and delivery performance helps you get to know your business in real-time. One powerful platform gives you complete visibility into private, 3PL and blended fleet performance at any point during transport.

Isotrak’s robust platform, sleek dashboards and seamless integration into route planning systems gives you confidence you need to execute your plan and get it right from the start.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support


JDA Logistics Procurement

JDA Software understands that the customer is the new boss. JDA Software helps shippers, carriers and transportation service providers to better manage the complexities of a multi-modal logistics network.

Optimise delivery to customers by predicting and shaping demand, fulfilling faster and more intelligently, and improving customer experiences and loyalty.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support


Jobwatch Fleet Management

A comprehensive module of Jobwatch, the ultimate paperless way to plan, manage, schedule and track your mobile workforce. One single platform that manages all your fleet data for vehicles, trailers, assets & equipment incl. tracking MOT expiry dates, road-tax, insurance, service intervals and compliance records. Extensive list of features to keep everybody in your organization informed in real time. Journeytracking is another app from Bigchange Apps with a focus on vehicle tracking and monitoring.

Country of origin: UK with UK/European sales and support



An effective and easy way to manage your company fleet and remotely track assets. Increase your work efficiency. Control route and time, automatically generate reports and use other features to increase the efficiency of fleet operation.

Innovative solutions also for digital tachograph ( and task management system (Mapon Go)

Country of origin: Latvia with UK/European sales and support



Paragon offers routing, scheduling, management and tracking order fufilment through a single system which provides better visibility of the delivery process for both retailers and consumers.

Integrates with 30 different tracking systems and makes multi-drop home delivery easier with ‘heavy load delivery first’ option.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support


Route Monkey

Route Monkey delivers beyond route planning and can reduce fleet costs by up to 20% and substantially reduce carbon emissions, delivering a rapid return on investment. As part of the Trakm8 Group, Route Monkey can provide a fully integrated telematics and fleet management solution, including vehicle tracking, tachograph analysis, dashboard cameras and driver behaviour.

Route Monkey developed the world’s first optimisation software for electric vehicles. This award-winning EVOS product remains the only solution that can optimise a mixed fleet containing ULEVs and conventional vehicles.

Country of origin: UK with European sales and support


Teletrac Navman

DIRECTOR offers vehicle tracking, vehicle maintenance and fleet analytics within a single solution. The software uses GPS enabled electronic logging devices (ELD) that allow fleet managers to capture vehicle and driver information in real-time.

The GPS-based vehicle tracking functionality of the software provides users visibility into real-time vehicle location and data. DIRECTOR features include a security module which alerts users in the event of emergencies such as unauthorized vehicle movement, speeding and airbag deployment. The fleet analytics functionality of the software allows users to leverage vehicle data to create reports on fleet performance.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support



Fleet management is about getting more done with fewer resources in less time. Telogis fleet tracking system gives real-time access to data that can help improve planning, reduce overtime and limit unauthorized vehicle use. You’ll see what’s working, and what isn’t.

Telogis fleet management software using GPS tracking, driver safety applications, commercial navigation, work order management, and dispatch and route optimisation.

Country of origin: US with UK/European sales and support



WEBFLEET is a fleet management solution that provides real-time information about the location of your vehicles, lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps to improve driving behavior, save on fuel and connects to a whole ecosystem of 3rd  party solutions.

Country of origin: UK with European sales and support



Cloud-based Freight Management Software to handle freight management processes, shipping and payment documents and eliminates manual and repetitive operations.

Many small enterprises are still using a fax, scanner and different office tools. In-transit visibility is the ability to track the identity, status, and location of freight cargo from the origin to the destination.

Country of origin: UK/Lithuania with European sales and support



Fleet and vehicle tracking solution for Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe. No matter the size of your fleet, we deliver a fully customised solution that puts business and fleet owners in the driving seat allowing cost reduction in all areas of business and vehicle management.

Country of origin: UK with European sales and support


Vehicle Manager Online

Vehicle Manager Online is an online analysis tool suite that helps you effectively manage and optimise the performance and costs of your vehicles. This small budget fleet management tool is simple to use. Load the fuel Usage, cost of the fuel and the odometer reading in kilometres or miles each time you purchase fuel and this will start the analysis of the costs and performance.

The data is saved online in a secure database which builds a detailed record of your vehicle performance and cost which can then be viewed in user-friendly graphics and tables to analyse how your vehicles are performing. The online tool will provide a detailed cost analysis and can indicate potential future vehicle service maintenance costs.

Country of origin: UK with European sales and support



Wialon platform supports over 1000 device models of various GPS hardware trackers, includes a cartographic server, has an open API for integration with existing back-office systems, allows for a custom white labelling of the interface, and offers such advanced functionality as driver behaviour monitoring and powerful report building tools.

Country of origin: Belarus with UK/European sales and support