Save money on trailer tyre management

Maintaining correct tyre pressures can make a positive difference to your total cost of trailer management by extending tyre lives, reducing fuel consumption, improving handling and road safety and reducing trailer downtime.

Fortunately, in addition to traditional manual tyre inspections, drivers and fleet managers can leverage wireless smart technology through Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for a constant, real-time view of the condition of their tyres.

What is TPMS?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems continuously monitor tyre pressure, temperature and position through sensors fitted into the wheel rims. The sensors then communicate live information via an onboard processor to the driver and fleet manager. This processor signals when tyre pressure is below or above the minimum acceptable level via a warning lamp or sound on the TPMS dashboard. These alerts remain activated until the problem is resolved and the TPMS is reset.  TPMS reports issues including under- and over-inflated tyres, air leakage and changes in tyre rubber temperatures which indicate the possibility of a tyre blowout. (source: Interfacebus)

Each sensor has its own unique, embedded wireless ID tag which guarantees that your TPMS is only analysing data on your trailers and not from other vehicles on the road. (source: TrailerLife)

Colour-coded actions

Many TPMS systems’ alarms signals are colour-coded according to the severity of the tyre issue they have identified and quickly highlight the type of action the driver needs to take to solve the situation. The actions might include having a tyre replaced immediately, inflated at the next service area or having the tyres checked by an expert on return to the fleet’s yard or at the next maintenance appointment. This warning system ensures the tyres operate in peak condition. (source: Commercial Vehicle Engineer)

Cost benefits

TPMS can help you reduce your total cost of trailer tyre and trailer fleet management by enabling:

  • Longer tyre life

Maintaining the correct tyre pressures can prolong the lives of your tyres. The more kilometres you travel safely on your tyres, the more you save on investment in new tyres.

Underinflated tyres heat up and can cause the tyres to self-destruct or damage their treads which can lead to poor vehicle handling, reduced fuel economy and a shorter lifespan. Overinflated tyres are also challenging. An overinflated tyre has a smaller area of tyre in contact with the road surface. This reduces the tyre’s grip on the road and causes the tyre to wear down in an irregular way, thus weakening it. Uneven air pressure in pairs of tyres is also a source of tyre deterioration. (source: FleetEquipmentMag)

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) conducted research which found that a tyre with proper air pressure delivers 15% longer tread life on its first life and 20% longer life when re-treaded than a tyre under-inflated by 10%. (source: FleetEquipmentMag)

  • Reduced fuel consumption

Well-inflated tyres give superior fuel consumption. A UNECE-sponsored study found that fuel consumption increases by 1% every 2.9 psi / 0.2 bar the tyre is under-inflated. So, for example, 0.6 bar under-inflation of a tyre leads to a 3% increase in fuel consumption.

The same ATA research, as above, also revealed that proper tyre inflation increases fuel economy by 1% compared to a tyre that is 10% under-inflated. Lower fuel consumption will produce environmental benefits through lower CO2 emissions.

  • Greater safety

Use TPMS to monitor and correct the pressure in your trailer tyres and you will improve the safety and handling of your trucks and trailers and make life safer for your drivers. In the event of trailer or wheel theft, you can also use TPMS to track their location.

For  example, research by Highways England, a UK government organisation, responsible for managing the UK’s motorways, found that approximately 1 in 12 truck tyres is underinflated to a dangerous level and tyre-related issues caused 120 serious injuries and eight deaths in 2016. (source: Motor1)

  • Reduced total cost of trailer management

TPMS is a valuable tool for keeping your fleet’s trailer tyres in good condition and thereby minimising unwanted trailer downtime. Keeping your trailer tyres in a great and safe condition with TPMS will enable you to reduce your total cost of trailer management through lower fuel consumption and replacing tyres only when they are at the end of their expected safe lifespan. This is a major cost saving when you consider that an investment of at least €400 per new basic trailer tyre x 6 wheels = €2,400 without labour is needed for a typical three axle, six-wheel semi-trailer. (source:

Future of TPMS

TyreReview says that, among TPMS trends, it is observing increasing rates of TPMS adoption by transport companies and believes that, in addition to sensing tyre air pressure and temperature, future TPMS sensors will identify vehicle loads and road conditions and feedback that data to drivers and fleet managers.

Other commentators mention the increasing integration of artificial intelligence and predictive data technologies in truck and trailer telematics and TPMS. (source: Commercial Vehicle Engineer)

TyrePlus, a TPMS by TIP

TIP’s TyrePlus is a next generation TPMS solution for trailers, designed to reduce fleet running costs and to improve vehicle safety. TyrePlus provides temperature data to improve early leakage detection, support enhanced vehicle maintenance and increase uptime. TyrePlus also links seamlessly to TIP’s FleetConnected telematics solution, giving fleet managers the opportunity to receive real-time tyre status reports including early warning on tyre anomalies.

TyrePlus has been designed to work with all types of trailer and be user-friendly for drivers and fleet managers, allowing them to take quick decisions when a tyre needs to be controlled or replaced. TyrePlus delivers the data directly to the fleet depots where they can schedule the right maintenance in the appropriate timeframe.

TIP & Tyres

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