Enter the world of sustainable logistics with electric Light Commercial Vehicles (e-LCV)!

To complete our range of vehicles, we now support our customers in last mile delivery with electric Light Commercial Vehicles, equipped with our customized services.

The fast-changing market of transportation and logistics has led to the growth of e-commerce but also affected the necessity and change in last-mile delivery. We took the strategic decision to enter this market segment with electric Light Commercial Vehicles (eLCVs) for leasing. TIP’s latest venture starts in November 2021 with the integration of only around 300 vehicles into our already existing fleets. Of course, the number of vehicles will increase further in time. The electric vans are 10 to 11.5 m3 and are available across Europe. One of the main features of this new market segment is to emphasize tailored services to help customers in incorporating environmentally-friendly vehicles into their fleet. TIP is helping customers each step of the way – from choosing the vehicle to infrastructure planning and monitoring. The launch of eLCVs has an impactful influence on TIP as it increases the value chain for our customers and leads to a meaningful sustainable business path.

EV charging TIP

The Deputy CEO at TIP, Arjen Kraaij, gave a commentary and said “We see a growing demand from our customers for sustainable and smart solutions, especially in the area of last mile delivery. In fact, the pressure from the authorities as well as the public, is leading to a speed of transformation that no one could have imagined just two years ago”. He also added that “This market readiness, combined with the now truly mature technical solutions that eLCVs offer today, opens up a window of opportunity that we are seizing with full conviction.”

Blank EV TIP

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