Secure parking: keeping drivers and loads safe

Truck drivers are vital to keeping the economy running efficiently, whatever the company or industry they are driving for. Without them, the shipment and delivery of goods would be severely limited.

With routine journeys often covering long distances across many borders, modern safe and secure parking is crucial for truck drivers to rest and to be able to recuperate, thus enabling them to perform their jobs effectively and safely.

Secure parking

What is a secure parking facility?

A secure parking facility for truck drivers generally offers a range of security features, such as vehicle and pedestrian access control, 24/7 manned security, CCTV camera surveillance and security of a fully fenced site that is third-party accredited. The facility should also provide drivers with an ‘all-in-one’ rest area, offering shower, sport equipment, laundry, restaurant, free Wi-Fi services and bike on loan for the comfort of those using the facility.

Some secure sites offer onsite workshop and maintenance services to optimise truck/trailer downtime by confirming its roadworthiness for the onward journey. Some locations even provide the option of truck and trailer rental services as well as dedicated charging points for e-vehicles.

Surveys of truck drivers* always point to security, management of parking, quality and choice of food, along with a welcoming atmosphere, as being the most important elements that are valued by drivers at secure parking rest stops.

Why are secure parking facilities crucial for safety?

Trucks parked in unclassified or unsecured parking places are involved in over 50% of the thousands of cargo losses reported to the TAPA EMEA Intelligence Service (Transported Asset Protection Association).

Heavy Goods Vehicles are, unfortunately, the regular target for theft of goods and diesel.

Europe wide, TAPA monitors and publishes monthly reports on cargo thefts that occur in EMEA. In November 2022, TAPA noted that Germany had 112 incidents of cargo crime, 25.3% of the monthly total, Spain 72 incidents (16%), UK 63 (14.2%), Italy 62 (14%), France 45 (10.2%). These five countries accounted for (79.9%) of all crimes in November 2022, 11 of the incidents leading to a loss of over €100K.

Cargo theft, a shortage of drivers and the latest EU regulations concerning mandatory breaks for drivers mean that secure parking facilities have increased in significant numbers across Europe over the last few years.

However, drivers are often confronted with an insufficient number of parking facilities, which is why they often park in unsecured or unsafe locations for overnight stops, making the driver and the cargo relatively easy targets for criminals.

Secure parking meets driver expectations

Whilst truck drivers, hauliers, shippers and insurance companies all agree on the need for even more safe and secure truck parking areas, there is no consistent definition of what constitutes a secure parking facility for trucks in Europe.

Standards obviously vary from country to country; however, all secure parking has to offer drivers facilities such as showers, toilets, access to food and water, and an internet connection.

There are several app-based services available that also allow drivers to identify secured parking areas on their journey, and book them ahead of arrival.

The TAPA PSR Standard for parking security requirements has become the most widely adopted secure parking standard for rest area sites in the EMEA region. Currently, the official TAPA PSR database lists a total of 9,427 secure truck parking places, which includes 3,377 spots offering TAPA levels 1, 2, or 3, and an additional 6,050 partner-level parking spots.

Secure parking

Safe and secure with TIP’s Secure Truck Parking

TIP Group opened its first multi-service truck road centre with secure parking in 2019 and it was the first secure parking facility in the world that was certified with the highest level of security within the TAPA PSR1 secure parking programme. In October 2023, Delta Park also received Gold lever certification as part of the EU standard for Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas.

The site is in Dourges in Northeast France, near the A1/E17. and provides 213 parking spaces for logistics operators looking for a secure and comfortable parking place in this high traffic area. The site is located just 1km from this key junction, which is one of the busiest road junctions in Europe, with more than 25,000 heavy goods vehicles passing through the area daily.


To find out more about TIP Group’s state-of-the-art secure parking facility at Dourges in France simply click on this link

* National Survey of Lorry Parking – UK Dept of Transport (September 2022)