Trailer rental

rental iconFlexible trailer rental solutions for your short-term needs

  • Widest choice of asset types and specifications
  • Flexible terms to meet your changing requirements
  • Immediate availability from a choice of locations
  • Maintenance and breakdown services included                       
  • Competitive rates

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If you are looking to hire trailers for a period of less than one year, you can choose our short-term rental product and select trailers to suit your needs from our fleet of thousands.

Our fleet is modern, reliable and offers you the widest choice of trailer types and specifications that you can hire from a single partner. Curtainsiders, box-vans, reefers, flats and chassis trailers from the leading manufacturers are all in our short-term rental fleet along with more specialised assets, such as walking floor trailers.

With well over 50 years’ experience in renting trailers, TIP can help locate the trailers you need, reach agreement with you at competitive rates and make the trailers available to you, all with a minimum of fuss. Rental can be for as little as one day and the terms of your rental from TIP can provide you with the flexibility you often need for when your requirements change.

Our rental fleet is fully maintained and you will be fully covered in the event of breakdown.

If you are looking for trailers to meet your more immediate needs or short-term requirements with the minimum of fuss and commitment, look no further than TIP’s short-term rental product.