door plus iconTIP's magnetic door contact

What is DoorPlus?

DoorPlus is a magnetic door contact that detects whether a trailer door is open or closed. The advanced door contact system sends an ‘open/closed’ value via a wired connection to FleetBeat-CoolerFleetBeat-Cooler can be coupled with up to ten sensors. The status of the doors is displayed at the FleetConnected platform. The solution visualises door status changes both in real-time and in a historical overview chart.

  • Detects door opening / closing & reports to back-end platform
  • Provides additional security for high-value cargo
  • Helps ensure cargo temperature is retained
  • Also for non-refrigerated box-vans

Door plus

Why use DoorPlus?

DoorPlus provides more than just a method of securing a door, it also provides a record of guardianship, for example by preventing temperature changes due to the unauthorised opening of refrigerated trailers. In the modern world, DoorPlus offers the peace of mind that a simple padlock cannot.

Why doorplus

How does DoorPlus work?

The door contact is built on two key parts: the switch and the magnet. The advanced switch technology is securely mounted onto the floor or ceiling of the trailer while the door magnet is mounted on the trailer door itself.

When the magnet is brought near the switch and the door closed, the system is activated, and a signal is picked up by the telematics device.

The magnet is pulled away from the switch when the door is opened, the system changes mode and a real-time signal picked up by the FleetBeat-Cooler telematics device.

A magnetic door contact senses when a cargo door is opened or closed and sends a corresponding message to FleetBeat-Cooler. In FleetConnected, the door status changes are visualised in real-time and a historical overview chart.