Give your trailer a second life!

There is a great scarcity of trailers at the moment. Not only in the rental and lease market, but the purchase of new trailers has challenges. Delivery times of new trailers are on the rise while the demand for trailers is also increasing. Due to this scarcity, we see that asset owners are increasingly looking for opportunities to use older trailers for a longer period of time.

A great solution to this problem is the renovation of your used assets.

Second life trailer asset

Renovation of fleet assets

Are there trailers or other used transport assets in your fleet, with a cooler or tail lift that no longer works, or does the trailer have other defects? There are partners that can ensure that your trailers can be used again for several years by means of asset renovation. With trailer renovation, fleet assets can be either partially or completely restored.

Renovating a trailer is always custom work and depends on various factors:

  • the make and type of trailer
  • the year of construction
  • use of the trailer
  • extras such as a tail lift or a cooler.

Various attractive benefits

Do you have an asset that has not yet been written off, but is ready for a good makeover? Then renovation can be a good solution for you. Fleet owners save on the costs of purchasing a new trailer as well as having the asset available in the short term, avoiding the long waiting times for new assets. In the current times of shortage in the market, fleet asset overhaul can be a favorable option, because you quickly have good equipment at your disposal.

  • A renovation can be carried out quickly, which ensures that you can keep your business running.
  • Only work with high-quality parts. So assets are assured of a long second life.
  • After renovating a trailer, it is again competitive with the latest trailers and the trailer can be used again for years.

Renovation your way

Renovation your way, with TIP

At TIP we have built up years of experience in the overhaul of trailers. Various experts work at TIP in the field of trailer renovation, together with you they can look at the various factors and your wishes. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but a tailor-made proposal for every customer.

TIP has a large European and Canadian network, so there is always a workshop near you. This allows TIP to quickly make a suitable offer for refurbishing your tired assets to get them back on the road as soon as possible for a longer period of time. 

Are you interested in trailer renovation or are you curious whether renovation is a suitable option for your trailers? Please contact one of our salespeople or click here to contact our team of service specialists. They are happy to give you suitable advice without obligation.