brakeplus iconAn Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System from TIP

BrakePlus is TIP’s Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS), a system that enables users to monitor the braking performance of the trailers in their fleet.

Why use BrakePlus?

  • Using BrakePlus provides you with a means of monitoring the performance of the braking system of your trailers and can replace the need to conduct physical roller brake tests throughout the year
  • BrakePlus can significantly reduce the cost and effort associated with arranging and performing regular roller brake tests 
  • It can help shift ‘downtime’, as a consequence of breakdowns or unplanned visits to a workshop, into planned maintenance activity 
  • It can help to improve the safety of your trailers
  • It follows the guidelines of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the EBPMS standard as set out in their publication 'Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness'; it can contribute towards achieving 'Earned Recognition' status.

How BrakePlus works? 

  • It captures braking event data from a trailer’s electronic braking system
  • It monitors braking performance on an ongoing basis
  • It calculates a Braking Performance Value and determines a ‘Pass’, ‘Low Performance’ or ‘Action Required’ status
  • Automatic email notifications should a trailer change from ‘Pass’ to ‘Low Performance’
  • Users can generate a ‘Braking Performance Report’ which can be used as part of a trailer’s safety inspection record

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