Blind spot awareness training: we trained 400 children already

Blind spot awareness training: we trained 400 children already!

Road safety is a particularly high priority for us as a leading equipment services provider, even if we do not drive ourselves. At TIP, we take the responsibility and have the opportunity to keep everyone around us safe, especially our children. Therefore, we are offering special lessons to children in schools in Europe, in order to raise awareness about the dangers of the blind spots on a truck and trailer unit. Until today, we have proudly trained 400 children!

We must all be aware of where the blind spots are

Professional drivers know the danger of the blind spots and must pay particular attention to cyclists and pedestrians. They already learn this in their driver training. However, all other road users must also be aware of the danger of limited visibility with a large vehicle and behave accordingly. It is therefore crucial that everyone pays attention to each other in order to avoid accidents.

The importance of training right from the beginning

Children are less experienced when it comes to road traffic. When walking or biking, they sometimes do not yet recognize dangers or are easily distracted. With this in mind, it is our concern to make our children aware of the danger of large vehicles. And, even more so, to offer training that shows them in theory and practice how important their behavior in road traffic is as well and what they need to pay attention to.

Blind spot awareness training children

For this training, we bring our own semi-trailer to the school ground!

The pupils of the primary schools are amazed when our trucks with semi-trailer drive onto the school grounds. It is essential to educate the children about the dangers of the blind spots on a live vehicle.

The training starts with a short theoretical introduction of the topic in the classroom with a quiz. Afterwards, the children explore the vehicle (the truck and the trailer) with a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm.

We also do a special highlight: the test sitting in the large driver's cab. Here the children experience directly what a driver in a truck sees of the other road users and the road itself. The classmates simulated the "blind spot" next to the vehicle. At what height can the other pupils still be seen in the mirror and when do they "disappear" as if by magic, although they are actually still there. This effect amazes the participants every time. They were really surprised when the full class suddenly disappeared into the blind spot.

For this reason, we visit primary schools and offer child-oriented lessons on the subject of "Blind Spot" - in theory and practice. In this way, we want to raise awareness about the dangers in road traffic, especially those of heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks and trailers.

TIP PEMA children

Let’s all be careful, vigilant and safe on the road!

In the past weeks, we have already been able to inspire more than 400 children and teachers in Germany and in the Netherlands with our practical demonstration and sensitize them to the dangers in everyday life.

The positive feedback has encouraged us to continue with the training courses. Are you also interested in a training course for your children? Then, reach out to your closest TIP branch or send us an inquiry on our website!

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