Top 10: Europe’s most popular freight exchange platforms

Top 10: Europe’s most popular freight exchange platforms

Freight exchange platforms have changed the face of transport, freight forwarding and the logistics sector in recent years. As a result, many companies are updating their business models to make them their primary source for obtaining orders. These freight exchanges continue to grow with users able to connect cargo to transport across Europe and freight brokers able to monitor their fleet to ensure they are achieving maximum capacity (or, at least, making sure their trailers are not returning home empty).

Below you can find the Top 10 Freight exchange platforms currently operating in Europe, in alphabetical order. Extra European platforms to add are welcome; place them in the comment below and they will be added.

123 Cargo

Established in 2001, this subscription service offers fast, simple and reliable solutions. The main advantage of this freight exchange platform is the access to a large number of transport suppliers with minimum communication costs. Once a load is posted, within a few minutes, around 500 carriers receive notification and will be able to offer their services. For carriers, the freight exchange offers the opportunity to reach a large number of customers.


CargoCore is a European provider of innovative electronic solutions for professionals in the transportation and logistics industry. They understand your business and know how to help you achieve success. CargoCore enables you to easily and quickly find offers of freights and vehicles that will increase the efficiency of your business and reduce costs so that you no longer have to drive an empty vehicle or wait to pick up cargo.

Euro Freight Exchange

The EFE (Euro Freight Exchange) is an online platform, mainly used by freight forwarders, haulers, trade and manufacturing companies, which provides the exchange opportunities of cargo and vehicles all over Europe and beyond. It has a fresh new website including features such as regular routes, transport rates, radius search and a tracking system. The Euro Freight Exchange is a way to reduce transportation costs, improve time management and increase competitiveness.

This free-to-use website is one of Europe’s fastest-growing load matching networks. As one of the most active European freight and haulage exchange websites, saves haulage companies, transport companies, and couriers millions of wasted miles and unnecessary fuel emissions for the environment.


Express-online is a new tool to connect express carriers and freight forwarders in over 30 European countries, based on identified matches between the route of the vehicles and the needs of freight. A real-time warning system alerts ordering customers of the passage of a suitable vehicle at the time required. The platform is suited to travel carriers with a smartphone 3G function, especially within the light commercial vehicle sector. Size and features of the vehicles are pre-entered to avoid long searches or any mismatches.

Haulage Exchange

Haulage Exchange offers freight exchange for large haulage firms, freight forwarding companies or owner-drivers, with over 3,500 members and 70,000 loads per month. They also assist in subcontracting any extra freight exchange work that you can’t handle, assuring that all operators have been vetted. This service allows you to develop the full potential of your firm to reach the highest profitability.

Loads Today

Loads Today offers full truckloads from all over Europe on a daily basis in order to achieve optimum utilisation of your freight capacity. You can access the latest load offers for free, get information on your desired routes and all the latest offers via email subscription. With an online account available around the clock, you have access to all your invoices and secure payment whenever you need, without installing expensive new software.

Return Loads is the UK’s most active online freight exchange. Over the past few years, grew into one of the leading UK freight exchange websites for return loads within the transport industry.


TimoCom connects road haulers, freight forwarders and manufacturing and trade companies, providing them with up to half a million freight and vehicles offered daily on the platform by more than 110,000 users from across Europe. System System provides modern working tools integrating the transport community. The TransExpress app has been developed to create a solution for those who work behind a wheel and actively search for tasks in the System, which allows easy access to over 70 Mio offers from 35.0000 companies.


Wtransnet was founded in 1996 as a freight and truck exchange provider. Since then, it has grown to one of the best networking platforms in the transport and logistics sector, thanks to its ability to anticipate what the market needs. The three intrinsic characteristics of Wtransnet are constant innovation, a spirit of service and professional rigor in offering value to its customers.

Working with a digital freight platform can improve your business efficiency. So, if you need more trailers in Europe, you know how to contact TIP!