Curtainsider Trailers

A flatbed trailer with retractable curtains along each side to make loading and unloading easier.

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Curtainsider Trailer

A curtainsider or tautliner trailer is the generic name for a curtain-sided type of trailer, Curtainsiders usually have a hard-shell roof, solid front bulkhead, conventional rear doors, and a retractable curtain along both sides. The curtains run on top and bottom horizontal rails and cover both sides of the trailer. The heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin curtains protect the load from the elements and are flexible enough to pull aside for access. 

Key benefits

Load/unload from either side

A plus point made possible thanks to their ability to draw back the curtains on either side of the trailer to allow access to multiple forklifts.

Dock or yard loading

Faced with a loading bay, the fold-back rear doors give conventional access. Meanwhile, yard loading is simple thanks to access to either side.

Weight and fuel cost savings 

A curtainsider trailer weighs less than a box trailer.

Cargo protected from the elements

The heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin curtains protect the load from the elements and are flexible enough to pull aside for access.

We offer renting, leasing and maintenance options

Do you need a short-term solution for renting a trailer, tanker or other type of equipment? Rental covers periods of up to one year.


Do you need equipment for more than 12 months? A lease package is the best option for longer periods.


Our certified technicians and Class A mechanics are available in our workshops to carry out all equipment maintenance and repairs.


Rental, lease and maintenance with TIP

✔ Fixed monthly payments

✔ Rental including full-service menu + MOT + roadside assistance

✔ Flexible lease term + service package available

✔ No capital investment

✔ Lease new or used equipment from TIP's existing fleet

✔ Maintenance and repair work available to all road hauliers

Curtainsider options and features

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