Box van trailer

Trailer that has solid walls in order to protect its cargo, making it a popular choice with the transport industry for transporting goods requiring high security.

A box van trailer, also known as a ‘box trailer’, ‘van trailer’ or even ‘boxvan trailer’, is the generic name for a solid-walled type of trailer that is not refrigerated. It is one of the haulage industry’s most popular types of trailer and is used to carry a variety of different types of goods from parcels to retail goods, where superior body strength and higher security is required (compared to curtain-sided trailers). They are typically loaded / un-loaded via its rear doors, either at a loading bay or by using a tail-lift at the delivery location.

Box vans are available as single deck trailers and double deck trailers (also known as double decker trailers), the latter often with a ‘step-frame’ design, which together with the increased height, enables additional cargo to be carried. Double deck trailers can have their ‘second’ deck as a fixed deck or as a lifting deck that can be lowered and raised to load and un-load the cargo.

When the box van trailer is temperature controlled it is known as a refrigerated trailer.

Box vans can have their bodies shaped to provide aerodynamic benefits such as fuel and carbon dioxide savings.

Box van trailers are manufactured in the UK by SDC, Don Bur, Montracon and Lawrence David. Overseas manufacturers such as Schmitz Cargobull and Krone also offer a box van range of trailers.

TIP offers box van trailers on a short-term rental or a long term lease basis from all of these leading manufacturers and others.