Customized and flexible leasing solutions which drive agility

While the transportation sector remains an essential part of the global economy, the industry is constantly changing. Next-day delivery, new governmental legislations and technical requirements: all factors that affect the transportation of products and services.            
Fleet flexibility and timely adjustment to customer needs is key, which traditional purchasing can only limited offer. Leasing allows businesses to focus on their core business, while their equipment service provider takes care of keeping their fleet roadworthy.

To best capitalize on changes, fleet managers may benefit from a shift to fleet leasing instead of purchasing.


Repair and maintenance in a large geographical network

Many fleet managers focus their resources and attention on their core business rather than on maintaining and servicing equipment. Having the additional responsibilities that come along with equipment ownership can affect decisions, and lead to inefficiencies or low cashflow.

By leasing, the maintenance of the fleet can be completely outsourced and thereby avoid hiring mechanics and managing parts inventory. This allows to lock in those upkeep costs at the start of the lease term rather than dealing with the uncertainty of variable maintenance costs throughout the life of purchased equipment. In many cases, the trailer leasing provider gives access to a wide network of maintenance facilities, which is especially helpful when a truck or trailer break down outside of the client’s main geography.


Specialised equipment and telematics

With more fleets turning to lease, dealerships can then expand their inventory to include more highly specialized equipment. These non-traditional specialised equipment options can be attractive for an even broader spectrum of clients transporting particular goods.

Additionally, to the specialised trailer itself, modern trailer leasing companies offer high-tech telematics solutions. These enable lower costs, more efficient and sustainable business operations, while having full visibility of the location and “health” of the leased trailers.



Well-maintained equipment, ease of maintenance, flexible financing options

Leasing trucks and trailers provides a regular source of well-maintained equipment. Leasing gives greater cash flow, predictable costs and no resale value risk. Leasing also makes maintenance much more hands off. There are multiple leasing options, so fleet managers can best utilize the individual financial position to structure accordingly.



TIP: Managing complexity and providing flexibility

With flexible leasing options, TIP has built strong partnerships with customers from many industries for more than 50 years. Look at the various featured of the TIP full-service lease experience which can be customized to meet your supply chain journey.

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