TIP partners up with Iveco and PostNord for greener transport

TIP is delighted to have supplied 10 sustainable Iveco S-WAY gas tractors to PostNord in Denmark!

With the new Iveco S-WAY models, PostNord will be well equipped. The tractors are fitted with a 460 hp gas engine, which runs on compressed biogas (CBG *) and can help PostNord reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 95% * compared to a similar EuroVId diesel engine. Additionally, and also equally important, PostNord's new Iveco gas tractors emit 99% fewer particles and 90% less NOx gases than a similar EuroVId diesel engine. With an extensive focus on air pollution in larger cities, the new Iveco gas trucks will contribute positively to cleaner and fresher air in Copenhagen and Hillerød, where they will operate.

TIP, Iveco and Postnord trucks

“In collaboration with TIP we are proud to be able to provide a more sustainable alternative to heavy transport, which can work in practice here and now. The trucks that PostNord will use have a range of up to 500 km on a full tank and are approved for a truck load of 44 tonnes. Thus, the trucks fully live up to the requirements that PostNord has for its modern fleet of heavy vehicles”, says Carsten Sørensen, National Sales Manager from Iveco Danmark A / S. "PostNord now has Iveco gas trucks in both Sweden and Denmark, and we are happy and proud to be able to deliver and support PostNord's green conversion together with TIP", he concludes.

For TIP, the delivery is part of an important strategic milestone.

“We are seeing an increasing demand from our customers for more sustainable transport solutions. That is why we continuously look at expanding and differentiating our product range, and gas tractors are an important element in our green transition ", says Christian Petersen, Vice President, TIP Nordic

The new biogas filling system minimises the time spent refuelling.

To further streamline transport in Denmark, PostNord will soon be able to use its own biogas filling plant in Brøndby. Once this plan is established, the time spent refuelling will be reduced to an absolute minimum, which in turn will contribute to optimal operation.

"With biogas in the tank for these new trucks, we are now making the Danes' packages a little greener, and we are pleased that the trucks contribute to cleaner and fresher air", says Jan Greve, Director of Operational Development in PostNord.

We congratulate PostNord on the beautiful new trucks!

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