Promising innovation: TIP Group and Ancotrans partner on Electric powered genset pilot for sustainable refrigerated containers

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Amsterdam, 9 February – TIP Group, a leading full-service equipment provider, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Ancotrans for the launch of a 12 month innovative pilot project— the Electric powered genset for container chassis. This innovative initiative replaces traditional diesel gensets with an advanced e-genset, marking a significant leap forward in sustainable transportation solutions.

The Electric powered genset initiative introduces a new era of electric-powered gensets for container chassis for refrigerated containers. Featuring a lightweight battery system, it replaces conventional diesel gensets with an advanced e-genset. Aiming for a minimum autonomous runtime of 20 hours, based on our experience with reefer trailer configurations, even when accounting for door openings, the genset requires only 2.5 hours of charging via a plugin charger. This groundbreaking innovation not only enhances sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also contributes to creating cleaner and quieter cities.

Commenting on this partnership, Rogier Laan, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at TIP Group, said “We're tackling the challenges of reducing fleet CO2 emissions through active collaboration with partners like Ancotrans. Our successful pilots and partnerships signal the dawn of eco-friendly, cost-effective refrigerated transport. The Electric powered genset will simplify the shift away from conventional generators, offering a sustainable alternative for replacing refrigerated diesel generators. At TIP Group, our goal is to expand our sustainable portfolio by delivering solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible, to meet the needs of our customers”.

This 12-month pilot project aims to delve into the Electric powered genset performance and usage. With a focus on testing the feasibility of exclusive grid charging, the initiative seeks to understand autonomy and driver behavior. TIP Group encourages drivers to adopt sustainable practices by charging only when parked or overnight, minimizing reliance on backup systems via truck charging.

“In a strategic collaboration with TIP Group, we are very enthusiastic at Ancotrans about contributing to our ambitious goal of achieving 100% carbon neutrality by 2040, driven by sustainable vehicles like the Electric powered gensets. This innovative project not only aligns seamlessly with our core values but also represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. Over a a 12-month pilot project, we aim to assess performance and feasibility of exclusive grid charging, seeking a deeper understanding of autonomy and driver behavior.” Mogens Røigaard, COO of Ancotrans, emphasizes, “Through active engagement in transformative projects like these, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also inspiring positive change within our industry.”

Electric powered genset for container chassis Ancotrans partnership

Key Features of the Electric powered genset for container chassis:

Cutting-edge performance: Operating on low voltage (48 volts) and equipped with a 54kWh power capacity, the Electric powered genset for container chassis ensures efficient temperature control for refrigerated containers

Swift charging: The 3-phased charger allows for a rapid 2.5-hour full charge via a plugin charger. Emphasis on charging whenever possible, with a maximum of 22kWh, optimizes usage and efficiency

Smart telematics integration: Real-time information on charging status and other critical data is seamlessly integrated into the fleet management system, facilitating effective monitoring and optimization

Aligned with TIP Group's sustainability goals, the Electric powered genset for container chassis contributes to reducing costs, minimizing environmental impact, and enhancing operational efficiency in the transportation industry. Building on this commitment, TIP Group introduced two other sustainable e-reefer solutions in 2023: the battery-only and the Energy Recuperation Axle, further solidifying our dedication to sustainable mobility and innovative transportation solutions.

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About TIP Group:

For over 55 years, TIP Group has been a leading full-service equipment provider in Europe and Canada, with 140+ service locations spanning across 18 countries. Specializing in truck and trailer solutions, we offer leasing, rental, maintenance and repair, digital solutions, and second-hand equipment sales. With a fleet of over 100,000 assets, we prioritize customer satisfaction and sustainable supply chains through reliable partnerships with major transportation companies, shaping a more environmentally conscious and efficient future.

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About Ancotrans:

Ancotrans is Northern Europe’s leading container transport service and one of Denmark’s oldest family owned and managed companies. With more than 140 years of service, +350,000 yearly transports, +450 employees in 7 offices across four markets we provide localized service throughout our European teams. We carry out all type of container road transports offering a wide range of services; gensets, bulk, sideloaders, breaker chassis, dangerous goods and more.
We are committed to making the necessary changes for a better future. By having both carbon offsetting and several sustainable transportation options, we will reduce our impact on many different fronts and provide our customers with a wide range of choices for greener container transport.

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