DSV refurbishes rather than replacing 1,100 trailers


AMSTERDAM, Friday 19 January - TIP Group and DSV expand their co-operation by over 1,100 trailers

DSV is a leading global transport and logistics company with a strong focus on ensuring responsible business practices everywhere they operate. Every year they transport millions of tonnes of their customers’ freight across the roads of Europe.

One simple yet efficient initiative that minimises the environmental impact of transport and logistics services, is to refurbish and give the trailers a second life. 

In 2023, in collaboration with DSV, TIP Group who specialises in truck and trailer leasing, rental, maintenance and repair services will refurbish 1,100 trailers that DSV will continue to use on its European lanes rather than replacing them with new ones. DSV and TIP Group have agreed to do a deal on 1,100 used curtainsiders that will be nicely renovated in order to extend the lifetime of the trailers. Brake discs, brake pads, airbags and side and roof curtains will be refurbished or replaced. The old curtains are being collected where they will be recycled and repurposed into useful items.


“DSV has high ambitions for operating more sustainably. Realising those ambitions often involves high-level innovation and new technologies. But sometimes, we can achieve great value with solutions that are more straightforward. Refurbishing rather than replacing our trailers will enable us to save carbon while delivering services of a continued high quality to our customers,” says Søren Schmidt, CEO, DSV Road.

TIP Group has years of experience when it comes to the overhaul of trailers. Various experts at TIP work in the field of trailer refurbishment. As such, an asset overhaul can be a favourable option, enabling you to have good quality refurbished equipment at your disposal quickly, whilst at the same time reducing your CO2 footprint.

“TIP Group has seen its customers increasingly look to adopt cleaner and more efficient trailer solutions. Our ambition is to be the best industry partner to enable them to turn the green transition into a success.” Explains Markus Pretzl, Director ESG/EHS at TIP. “Refurbishing trailers rather than replacing them is a step forward towards more sustainable logistics and strategic growth. TIP Group strongly believes that the cooperation with DSV will bring sustainable solutions to the market”.

Significant emissions reductions

There are significant environmental benefits of extending the life of a curtainsider when you refurbish versus investing in a new trailer. Based on TIP Group’s calculations, refurbishment of a used curtainsider emits an estimated 2.7 tonnes of CO2. This includes both materials, energy and heating used for the refurbishment. The difference in emissions from a new and a refurbished trailer shows considerable emissions savings of an estimated 16 tonnes per trailer and 18,000 tonnes for the total 1.100 trailers.

Refurbishment is a great circular economy initiative that will help TIP Group to reduce carbon emissions and achieve our goal to become more sustainable.

The first trailers have already been delivered, and the rest of the 1,100 trailers will be finished between now and December 2023.


About TIP Group:

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, TIP Group is one of Europe and Canada’s leading equipment service providers. We specialize in lease and rent of road freight and intermodal transport equipment, services such as maintenance and repair, sale of used equipment, and other value-added services, such as digital solutions. We provide these to transportation and logistics customers from more than 130 locations spread over 18 countries in Europe and Canada. For more information, please visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn.

About DSV - Global Transport and Logistics

DSV keeps supply chains flowing in a world of change. The leading transport and logistics company provides and manages supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day – from the small family-run business to the large global corporation. DSV’s reach is global, yet its presence is local and close to its customers. More than 75,000 employees in over 80 countries work passionately to deliver great customer experiences and high-quality services. DSV aspires to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for its industry and is committed to trading on nature’s terms.

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