TIP offers customers an overhaul of their transportation equipment.  TIP’s licensed technicians will take customer’s old trailer and extend its usable lifetime with a complete restoration.

Four basic offerings: 

                       1.Fleetcare Refurbishment (sell and lease back including a Fleetcare M&R contract)

                       2.Sell, Refurbish, and lease back

                       3.Refurbishment of 3rd Party Trailers

                       4.Refurbishment of TIP assets (internal)


•Services, upgrading, replacements and repairs by TIP, including but not limited to:





•Cooler / Electric Cooler

•Tail lift




•Valve and pump repair

•Cargo tank testing

•Sandblasting and painting

•Complete running gear upgrade

•Remote shutdown system installation

•Tank change-outs



Clear sustainability effect: extend the lifetime of an asset and reduce the carbon footprint of production and the use of raw material

Extend the life and improve the uptime of customer’s trailer/truck

Modernize and sharpen customer’s fleet image

Sustainable approach

Possibility to update & re-configurate the equipment:

oLivery – New design (specially in case of new contract)

oAlter Curtain sided to Flat bed

oAdd or remove a tail lift, fit second decks, flush doors to standard doors etc.

A way to compensate the delivery time from OEC