Other Ancillary Services

A range of services to help ensure your ancillary equipment remains safe and legal.

Aerodynamic gears

remote door locking systems

Hook lift


Electric and Pneumatic doors

Telematics devices

Electric axle


•Specialized personnel trained to better service a variety of ancillary brands

•Sufficient available parts on the shelf

•Good network coverage to support customers in case of emergency/ minor repairs
(same TIP Roadside Assistance)

•One stop shop service provider
(trailer + ancillary equipment + other parts)

•For Contracted Maintenance: history of the ancillary equipment easily available through our portal

•Costs covered for the replacement of worn parts, including material and labour costs according to:

On demand contract: pre-negotiation agreement.

Paygo: standard competitive pricing



Always compliant to ensure your ancillary equipment can be used safely and according to regulations

The driver is paid to do his work and not to manage issues with the ancillary

More up-time for the transportation equipment as a well-maintained equipment in general suffers fewer break-downs.

Safety for the driver and people around

Faster turnaround times as we have parts already available on shelf

Faster maintenance as it is done by an expert

For contracted maintenance: better controls of the maintenance & repair (historic data available online)