Other Repairs

TIP offers customers the possibility of using its specialized M&R services for other work such as:

-Minor damages

-Installation of external devices/ equipment (camera, rear sensors, TPMS,..)

-Replacement of existing parts such as extinguisher, wheels


  • Flexible “full-service” menu of M&R services
  • Capabilities to work with any equipment brand our customers have
  • Extensive network of workshops with coverage in Europe and Canada
  • Possibility to look at the history of the work done with TIP
  • Costs covered for the replacement of worn parts, including material and labour costs according to:
  • On demand contract: pre-negotiation agreement.
  • Paygo: standard competitive pricing



  • No long waiting time as we have parts already available on shelf
  • Faster maintenance as it is done by an expert in a well-equipped workshop with the right equipment (tooling, etc)
  • Better controls of the maintenance & repair (historic data available online)