FleetCare Tyre

TIP maintains customer’s  tyres in the optimum way and replace them if necessary to ensure that the trailer can be used safely and legally. The tyre services are charged based on a pre-agreed rate of assumed costs on a monthly fee based on the assumption of costs for legally mandated inspections, and costs for replacing worn parts including material and labor costs



Replacement of the tyre in the event of wear

Use of recommended premium tyre brands some of them with more advanced technology (i.e. fuel saving technology for trucks and maximizing the amount of Kms per tyre for trailers)

New & retreaded tyres (optional). 
Note: Retreaded tyres offer comparable performance and are more sustainable

Regular tyre inspections (regular air pressure tests and re-inflation)

24/7 European Break Down Service and assistance 

Optional: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in combination with our Insight Telematics solution (breakdown avoidance, fuel efficiency, tyre life extension)

Taking back the old tyres and disposing them in a sustainable way.



Highest tyre quality at all times

Pan European availability

Having tyres according to specification allows customers to use their transportation equipment in a safe way and in compliance with regulation.

Possibility to achieve significant savings in fuel consumption, a longer tyre life and to drive more sustainably specially if using TPMS

Predictable cost