FleetCare Tail lift

TIP maintains and repairs the tail lift of a transportation vehicles owned or operated by the customer. The services are charged based on a pre-agreed rate of assumed costs on a monthly fee.


24/7 break-down service

Annual inspections

Specialized personnel with the capability to service all the available tail lift brands

Sufficient available parts on the shelf

Good network coverage to support you in case of emergency/ minor tail lift repairs
(same network for TIP Roadside)

One stop shop service provider
(trailer + tail lift + other parts)

All tail lift maintenance and repair history is available online (future)



Always compliant to ensure the tail lift can be used safely and according to regulations

Savings.  Majority of the issues with a trailer are related to their tail lift.  If the tail lift is regularly maintained there will be fewer break-downs (more up-time)

Safety for the driver and for the people around where the tail lift is normally operated (customers, etc)

No long waiting list as we have parts already available on shelf

Better maintenance & repair control as we have the history available online (future)