Sden Vitaex

Having understood the rigor imposed by the health sector, SDEN VITAEX decided to create a service dedicated to deliveries to health establishments: VITAEX. The particularity is that VITAEX transport distributes all the goods destined for these establishments, and not only the "med"​! 

sden vitaex and TIP

SDEN Vitaex transport’s trucks deliver to the 409 health establishments in the Ile de France on daily basis since 2008. “Thanks to our expertise enriched over the years and the continuous improvement and optimization of the service sold to the end customer, we allow our remitters to adjust their margins thanks to the “transport” savings.” 









VITAEX makes it a point of honor to work in the interest of Healthcare establishments by adopting, as far as possible, an eco-responsible attitude. Vehicle loading and delivery rounds are optimized to limit the number of trucks on the road, reduce fuel consumption, but above all reduce CO2 emissions. TIP is proud to support its customers achieve their sustainability and efficiency goals and gradually extend their services.