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A simpler, faster and leaner

damage management for your fleet

What is TIP Vehicle Inspection?

TIP Vehicle Inspection is a driver mobile web application enabling damage management in  a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable manner. From a sustainability perspective,  it  replaces  wasteful  paper-based  inspections,  decreases  carbon  footprint  by  minimizing workshop visits, and reduces fleet downtime.
Designed for “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies, the solution is, therefore, suitable for use by subcontractors and agency drivers. Furthermore, third-party asset and app users can be easily added. Inspection reports can be accessed via FleetRadar, TIP's 24/7 self - service interactive customer portal. With increased transparency, repair management is simplified both locally and remotely.


  • Create inspection reports with photos
  • Customised inspection check list
  • Supported in 14 languages
  • TIP Insight Customer Support in your local language


Why use TIP Vehicle Inspection?

TIP Vehicle Inspection reduces your repair expenses by up to 35%, saves time on repair and inspections, recover your repair costs from hauliers by up to 75%, and preserve the investment in your brand. Moreover, it provides standardised/customised reporting for your fleet, gives higher visibility/transparency across your organization, and helps to keep the vehicles safe, leading to safe driving.


How does TIP Vehicle Inspection work?

An inspection type needs to be chosen. Afterwards, users can take pictures of the damages and add comments and submit the report. The report can then instantly be accessed via FleetRadarTM. The reports can be used to manage repairs across your entire fleet safely and efficiently.


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