TIP Insight FAQ

Everything you want to know about TIP Insight should be below, however if there are any other queries you have, please contact us.


What actually is TIP Insight?

TIP Insight is TIP’s range of telematics-based digital and connected services aimed at providing users with information on the whereabouts and the performance of their trailers


Is TIP insight competitively priced?

Yes. TIP’s purchasing power, possible because of the sheer volume of products procured by operating on a pan-European and indeed global scale, enables us to offer the marketplace a competitively priced range of solutions despite being packed with features only usually found in higher-end, more expensive solutions.


How are TIP Insight products charged to users?

A fixed term is agreed with our customers and a monthly charge billed. There are no upfront costs, with any initial hardware costs built into the pricing.


Can TIP Insight be used in conjunction other telematics systems?

Potentially yes. TIP’s API, DataBridge, enables connectivity to other systems so that users can have all of their fleet visible in one, single platform, but it depends on the availability of an API from that other system too. TIP can advise on the feasibility of connecting TIP Insight to other systems.


Can DoorPlus be offered for use on non-refrigerated trailers?

Yes, despite requiring FleetBeat-CoolerDoorPlus can be offered or use on box-van trailers in order to provide additional security for high-value cargo.


How often does FleetBeat / FleetBeat-Cooler ‘ping’?

Despite capturing data in real-time, the telematics device only transmits data at intervals appropriate to functionality in use. When powered (by a trailer’s electronic braking system of reefer engine), it transmits data every five minutes whilst moving (if not moving, it is every 60 minutes). During standstill, it will transmit every 24 hours, in order to save battery-life, and for upto 125 days.


What is the difference between FleetBeat and FleetBeat-Cooler?

FleetBeat-Cooler offers the same functionality as FleetBeat but also provides temperature monitoring services and door sensor functionality.


Are TIP Insight products available for our own trailers?

Yes, in addition to being fitted to TIP’s own fleet of trailers, TIP Insight products can also be offered for fitment on your own trailers.


Can TIP Insight products be installed on any type of trailer?

Yes, they can be installed on curtainsider, box-vans, flat, chassis, reefer and specialist types of trailer.


Does pricing include training?

Yes, once installed, training can be provided, typically via an online session, in the use of the FleetConnected platform.


Is it possible to have a demonstration of TIP Insight?

Yes. You would actually be having a demonstration, online or face-to-face, of the TIP Insight platform, FleetConnected. You would be able to see the functionality in relation to real-life trailers in operation, which are fitted with FleetBeat-Cooler, TyrePlus and DoorPlus.