Truckers Against Trafficking Summit

The transportation industry facilitates the worldwide movement of goods and people. However, beneath its shiny exterior lies a dark underbelly – the insidious influence of human trafficking. This grave crime shatters lives and profoundly affects the transportation sector.

On May 24, 2023, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Kara Wood and Grace Morton (former student intern) attended the Truckers Against Trafficking Summit. The speaker and a survivor of trafficking, Karley Church, went into detail about the goal of TAT, bringing awareness to the ever-growing crime of Human Trafficking in Canada & USA. Click to learn more about her story.

Truckers Against Trafficking - TIP Group

What is Human Trafficking?
It involves exploiting individuals through force, fraud, or coercion for forced labour, sexual exploitation, and even organ trafficking. Victims are subjected to horrific conditions, trapped in a cycle of abuse and exploitation that thrives on their vulnerability. Aside from trucks and trailers, victims are also transported by airplanes, ships, trains, and regular commuter vehicles. To understand the true impact of this issue, click to view the detailed report.


Truck Drivers are the eyes and ears of the highway and can use that to their advantage to help victims of human trafficking. Red flags to look for:

  • Someone that lacks knowledge of their whereabouts; not in control of ID/Passport

  • Restricted or controlled communication – not allowed to speak for themselves

  • CB Chatter about “commercial company” or flashing lights that signal “buyers” location

  • Acknowledgment of a “pimp” or that they need to “make a quota”

  • An out of place van or RV around trucking areas and/or a vehicle dropping someone off at a truck and returning for pick up 15-20 minutes later.

If a victim of Human Trafficking approaches you, please remember;

  • Engage in conversation with the victim by making them feel respected and safe

  • Show compassion and offer them comfort, such as a meal, beverage, or a blanket.

Even a gut feeling can be reported as an anonymous tip to law enforcement by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline if you suspect someone may be a victim of Human Trafficking.

1-833-900-1010 (Canada) - OR - 1-888-373-7888 (United States)

When reporting suspicious activity, include;

  • Vehicle description (make, model, colour, plate #)

  • Trafficker Description (height, sex, hair colour, build, clothing)

  • Victim Description (how many possible victims, description of the possible victim, clothing)


To sever the ties between trafficking and transportation, a collective effort involving governments, companies, and society at large is imperative. Only through stringent measures, heightened awareness, and technology-driven solutions can we dismantle the chains of human trafficking and restore the integrity of the transportation sector.

Truckers Against Trafficking - TIP Group

We were proud to have Kara and Grace attend this critical event and appreciate their insights into their experience and what they learned. Thank you both!

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