How contracted maintenance maximize the fleet’s uptime and reduce risks

When running a transport and logistics fleet, the need to maximize fleet reliability and uptime is critical. When any unplanned downtime occurs, it impacts the entire business: from financial bottom lines to customer relations and brand reputation. Companies can end up spending more money maintaining their assets instead of making money from it. Therefore, keeping a fleet roadworthy not only ensures the safety and proper functioning of the assets, but also saves money and allows to focus on the core business of the company.

TIP Maintenance

Why choose a maintenance contract for your fleet? 

Maintenance contracts provide a range of fixed cost for pre-planned service and maintenance packages, tailored to meet the fleet’s specific needs. It is giving complete peace of mind and the optimum level of product support, to keep the fleet operating efficiently and effectively.

Outsourcing maintenance and repair services to a third-party expert allows to benefit from skilled certified technicians, most advanced and up-to-date software, specialist tools and parts, and technical literature.  

Therefore, a contracted maintenance program will automatically maximize the fleet uptime, whilst concurrently minimizing the risk and expense of unplanned, unnecessary breakdowns.  


How does regular maintenance service benefit a fleet? 

Regular servicing is the best way to ensure that faults are identified before they become serious issues. Companies can focus on their core business, while a third-party expert takes care of maintaining the fleet roadworthiness.  

The benefits of this type of contract are many and varied: 

  • Simple and stress-free budgeting: the fleet service costs are fixed for the duration of the agreed term, covering all planned maintenance, unscheduled repairs, and breakdown support: for one simple monthly fee 

  • Reduced administration: the third-party expert takes care of the time-consuming tasks involved in organising the maintenance and repair of a fleet with its team of experienced administrators 

  • Reliability and safety: by using only original equipment parts to ensure that the fleet equipment operates at its peak, in terms of performance, reliability, and safety of operation  

  • Preventive maintenance with telematics: the third-party expert can use telematics to optimize the fleet by scheduling a maintenance or repair appointment before an issue occurs, thanks to real-time visibility and advanced analytics   

  • Roadside assistance 24/7 to minimize downtimes: your maintenance partner also provides a customer with the support needed to stay roadworthy, anywhere, anytime 

  •  Repair and maintenance programs managed quickly and efficiently: by utilizing established IT system infrastructures, matched to national mobile service engineer coverage 

TIP Mechanic standing with trailer appearing in the background

Manage your risks and lower downtime with TIP! 

With 55 years of experience servicing its own extensive trailer fleet, TIP’s maintenance and repair solutions are designed to give operators maximum flexibility, wherever the trailers are in operation.

TIP is servicing its customers from more than 130 locations spread over 18 countries in Europe and Canada. Our experts are providing top-class maintenance and repair services on all asset types, through on-site maintenance and roadside assistance, together with advanced telematics programs for predictive maintenance.

TIP’s maintenance and repair programs provide cost savings and flexibility, as well as access to a large team of qualified technicians. 

Talk to our maintenance experts at TIP today: visit the TIP website to see which is the closest TIP workshop to your business. 

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