Critical factors driving the demand for full-service trucks solutions

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reliability are steering the decisions of truck buyers and the way commercial vehicles are selected and purchased. Discover how these factors drive the adoption of new ownership models. This article shows how TIP Group’s expertise and full-service truck solutions can be tailored to help transport companies navigate the complex landscape of fleet management.

Total cost of ownership & reliability are key

In a rapidly evolving transportation industry, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) remains a critical factor influencing buyers' decisions. TCO of course encapsulates not only the purchase price but also the operational costs, including fuel, maintenance, and depreciation over the lifespan of the vehicle. A survey by Bain & Company finds that this long-standing trend is not only continuing but is rapidly accelerating the changes in the way customers select and purchase commercial vehicles. Buyers increasingly expect clear guidance to make the optimal decisions for their fleet.


It’s a crucial factor in today's fast-paced logistics arena. The dependability of trucks goes beyond the purchase—it's a significant part of after-sales service satisfaction. Buyers are keen on reliability, service speed, and spare parts cost, indicating their desire for a hassle-free operational experience post-purchase.

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Full-service truck solutions

For many transportation companies, the increased importance on TCO and reliability lead them to investigate new ownership models in order to reduce the overall risk of truck ownership and maintenance. The operating lease solution of TIP Group allows companies to shift the maintenance responsibility to a service provider. This allows customers to allocate their budget more effectively and confidently plan for the future, in addition to reducing the risk of equipment downtime and subsequent interruption of operations.

Another important consideration is to ensure regulatory compliance whilst increasing operational flexibility. TIP’s expertise with truck full-service solutions allows for easier upgrades, flexibility and ensures capacity, including during peak periods because of equipment availability in key regions. In short, we take over responsibilities for your truck fleet so that you can focus fully on improving your customer experience, reducing operational expenditure and increasing on-time delivery.

Truck solutions

TIP Group presents a broad spectrum of trucks from the top manufacturer brands. Our portfolio showcases a detailed overview of what we offer, encompassing maintenance & repair with our workshop network, telematics and the sale of used truck equipment.

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Discover more

What would your company’s ideal fleet or fleet operation look like? Clients can depend on TIP’s decade-long expertise with services tailored to your needs. Together with our experts, you will discover which total trucks and trailer service-solution is the best fit for your fleet and business. Contact us or reach out to your local TIP representative to arrange an appointment.

Interested in used truck equipment?

TIP Used – part of Europe’s leading truck and trailer leasing and rental provider TIP Group – is one of the largest suppliers of well-maintained used trucks and trailers in the commercial vehicle sector. Visit to browse TIP Used’s wide variety of well-maintained used trucks!


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