Enhancing DSV’s efficiency and sustainability roadmap with the delivery of 320 mega curtainsiders

TIP Group is pleased to announce the delivery of 320 mega curtainsiders to DSV. These units will be utilized for both automotive and train transportation, a feat that will contribute to DSV's work with reducing its environmental impact. The first asset was released from the Schmitz Cargobull’s factory in Germany in August this year. The delivery of this first mega curtainsider to DSV shows the long-term partnership between DSV and TIP Group. All assets will be delivered by the end of the year.

TIP delivers 320 mega curtainsiders to DSV

Working to reduce its environmental impact, DSV works with science-based targets for reduced emissions by 2030 and has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. With this specific trailer configuration and its optimized design, TIP seeks to support DSV in its work with reducing the transport and logistics company’s carbon footprint.

One of the standout features of this partnership is TIP's promise of comprehensive vehicle maintenance and refurbishment services. Unlike conventional deals, where the transaction ends with delivery, TIP is steadfast in ensuring the longevity and value of their assets. After 6 years of usage, TIP will initiate refurbishment services, effectively extending the trailers' operational life cycle and delivering exceptional long-term value to DSV.

Commenting on this partnership, Arjen Kraaij, Deputy CEO at TIP, stated “We are thrilled to add a new dimension to our long-term partnership with DSV. Our aim is to empower DSV by offering an integration of long-term maintenance and refurbishment services, supporting DSV’s sustainability ambitions and optimizing their fleet performance. Both TIP Group and DSV are fully committed to turn the green transition into a success.”

TIP delivers 320 mega curtainsiders to DSV - vehicle pic

The delivery of the first mega curtainsiders took place at Schmitz Cargobull’s state-of-the-art factory in Altenberge. This was the occasion for both companies to celebrate their long-term partnership founded on shared values, innovation, and a common goal to drive positive change in the logistics sector.

When asked about the reason for choosing TIP, Flemming Steiness, Senior Director at DSV says, "TIP Group's expertise in trailers and maintenance solutions perfectly complements DSV's commitment to minimizing our environmental impact. The configuration of the trailers and the promise of extended asset lifetime through maintenance and refurbishment align well with our sustainability ambitions. We are excited about the environmental benefits and the overall value this partnership brings to DSV and our customers."

TIP and DSV have a long cooperation together. We are very pleased to deliver assets together with services to increase the lifecycle of the vehicles. Our partnership is built on trust and credibility, and we aim to further strengthen our partnership during the coming years,” explains Paul de Jong, International Strategic Accounts Director at TIP. 


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