FleetRadar™ is updated to provide users with their invoice information

FleetRadar, TIP’s ‘one-stop’ portal for accessing information on TIP hired or maintained fleet, now provides access to invoicing information for its users.

An ‘Invoice Overview’ section has been added to the portal, from which users can view and easily check information for both ‘paid’ and ‘outstanding’ invoices. The information for an invoice can be viewed individually or as a list, which can be sorted, searched and exported for use outside of FleetRadar.

The FleetRadar dashboard

Access to the new feature isn’t activated automatically for existing FleetRadar users, so those wishing to have the new functionality should request it by completing this short form.

TIP customers not yet using its customer portal can visit the  FleetRadar™ webpage to learn more about how it can enhance the experience of hiring and / or maintaining trailers with TIP. The same short form can be used to request access to FleetRadar.

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TIP celebrates 50 years of partnership with Krone

TIP celebrates 50 years of partnership with Krone

The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the successful collaboration between Krone and Tip Trailer Services. In 1971, TIP was one of Krone’s first customers when they started their trailer construction business! To symbolize the reliability of our partnership, Krone handed over their 1,000,000th chassis number to our TIP Norwegian branch. The official handover of the chassis number millionaire with the special inscription "The 1,000,000th Krone chassis. Congratulations! Celebrating 50 years of partnership" took place in Werlte, Germany.
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