10 Reasons Why Leasing With TIP Group is Different From What You’ve Experienced Before

Leasing your trucks and trailers from TIP Group isn't just a transaction; it's a comprehensive full-service outsourcing concept that offers significant benefits for your business.


10 Reasons For Leasing With TIP


1. Capacity and flexibility

Need equipment fast? Our fleet of 120,000 units ensures there's always capacity for you, wherever and whenever you need it. This flexibility is especially valuable during peak seasons, allowing you to quickly upscale or downscale as required: https://www.tip-group.com/en-ca/trailer-leasing

2. Maintenance and repair services throughout Canada and Europe

If you prefer focusing on your core business rather than maintaining your equipment, our comprehensive Maintenance & Repair Service is perfect for you. By outsourcing, you avoid the need to hire mechanics and manage parts inventory. You'll have access to our 7400+ workshops (TIP locations and partners) throughout Canada and across 18 countries in Europe, ensuring support wherever your international business takes you. Plus, our 24/7 Roadside Assistance is available in your language for any repair needs.

Check our variety of services to maintain your fleet: https://www.tip-group.com/en-ca/services/maintenance-and-repair

3. All the brands and equipment you know

Our diverse equipment range includes curtainsiders, vans, chassis, reefers, hook loaders, moving floors, and more. A full overview of our equipment can be found here: https://www.tip-group.com/en-ca/fleet

With TIP Insight, our suite of digital solutions, you gain real-time and historical data insights into your fleet's activity and health, enhancing efficiency and safety.

4. Maximizing your cashflow

Leasing eliminates the need for capital investment in equipment, maximizing your cashflow and giving you the freedom to invest where it matters most.

5. Predictable costs and no resale value risk

As the saying goes about cars, "as soon as you leave the garage, it loses half its value". The same goes for equipment. When you lease with TIP Group, we absorb the depreciation risk. You'll know exactly what you pay each month for the entire leasing period, ensuring no surprises. We handle unexpected repairs, offering you predictable costs and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business.

6. Knowledge of every country’s requirements, so compliance is covered

Many of our customers manage centralized operations, but their fleets are spread across the globe. Legislation varies by country, and it can be challenging to stay on top of every region's rules and policies. Our Canadian and pan-European coverage means we're well-versed in local regulations, ensuring all equipment you lease from TIP Group is maintained according to these standards.

7. Change the equipment, for example, if you want to go sustainable

Many companies, having invested in their equipment, now face the challenge of switching to greener alternatives or even going fully electric due to policy changes. Our flexible contracts allow you to adapt your equipment types, such as changing tires, to meet these new requirements.

8. Maximizing the available time of your drivers

Drivers want to be on the road, and our well-maintained equipment coupled with digital solutions make that possible. We ensure your fleet is always ready to go, minimizing downtime and maximizing your operations efficiency.

9. Flexible leasing solutions

Our operational lease includes flexible terms complemented with value-adding services. This option is ideal for high-value assets because you get no large upfront investment and no residual value risk.

10. Get tailored services to meet your unique needs

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. For instance, we had a client who needed a particular rental structure. Although we couldn't meet their initial rate, we offered a seven-year term with a break option after five years, aligning perfectly with their end-user contract. This flexibility proved beneficial as the end-user required the equipment for a longer period, leading to a step-in agreement post-contract.


At TIP Group, we understand the unique needs of fleet managers and offer solutions to ensure your fleet management is as efficient and effective as possible. Reach out here to our local teams to find the best solution for your needs.