Flatbed Trailer Rental & Leasing

Versatile and flexible cargo transportation for oversized, long, or irregularly shaped items.

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Flatbed Rent & Lease Options

All options are available with steel, lightweight and/or combo decks, toolboxes and headache racks.

(All Provinces)

  • 48' Flat Decks - Tandem and Tridem
  • 53' Flat Decks - Tandem and Tridem
  • 53' Step Decks - Tandem and Tridem
  • Curtain-side Decks

(Alberta & British Columbia)

  • Super B Decks

(Edmonton Only)

  • Tridem Double Drop
  • Lowbeds: Trombone and Scissor Neck Trombones
  • Trombones: flat, step or double drop
  • Jeeps and Boosters
  • 9, 10 and 13 axle combinations

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"The support we received was thorough and timely. The support team was quick to respond with our requirement and help to meet our specific needs. Thank you, Awesome!"

- Ali M.

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"The Montreal TIP group is astonishing… Every member of the group is hard working to keep their customers happy with their customer service skills and maintaining the equipment at their outmost best."

- Steve K.

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"We have been clients since the Trailer Wizards years, the main reason we stayed that long was because this was a great partnership. Being in the construction industry, our trailer needs are immense, and TIP was always there to help us find solutions. With a dedicated team, they matched every problem we sent their way."

- Pierre C.

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"TIP has been looking after our business for a number of years and continue to support all aspects of our trailer service and rentals. It’s appreciated that one call can look after anything in our Canadian region."

- Keith M.

Benefits of Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers offer versatility, easy loading and unloading, increased payload capacity, cost-effectiveness, flexibility in cargo types, improved safety, and adaptability for specialized equipment. These advantages make them an ideal choice for many businesses involved in transportation and logistics.

  • Versatility: Flat deck trailers provide an open, flat surface, allowing for flexible cargo transportation. They can accommodate oversized, long, or irregularly shaped items.
  • Easy Loading and Unloading: With no obstructions, flat deck trailers make loading and unloading quick and convenient. Forklifts, cranes, or other equipment can easily access cargo, simplifying the process and saving time.
  • Increased Payload Capacity: Flat deck trailers optimize payload capacity. The absence of walls and roofs reduces the weight of the trailer itself, enabling the transportation of heavier loads and maximizing the efficiency of each trip.
  • Cost-Effective: Due to the open design and simplified construction, flat deck trailers are more cost-effective compared to enclosed trailers. They require less maintenance and repairs, and their simple structure can result in lower initial purchase costs.
  • Flexibility in Cargo Types: From construction materials and machinery to vehicles and agricultural equipment, flat deck trailers can accommodate a wide range of cargo types. This flexibility suits construction, agriculture, logistics, and more.
  • Improved Safety: The open design of flat deck trailers enhances visibility for drivers, reducing blind spots and improving overall safety on the road. Additionally, cargo can be secured with straps, chains, or other tie-down methods to prevent shifting or damage during transportation.
  • Specialized Equipment Adaptability: Flat deck trailers can be customized to accommodate specialized equipment or attachments such as racks, winches, or hydraulic systems. This allows for secure transportation of specific types of cargo and streamlines operations.

Commercial Use Of Flatbed Trailers

Our flatbed trailers offer unparalleled versatility, seamlessly adapting to various industries. The most popular uses are:

1. Construction and Building Materials

Flatbed trailers are essential for transporting construction materials such as steel beams, lumber, pipes, and other oversized items. Our trailers are designed to handle heavy loads, making them ideal for construction projects of any scale.

2. Industrial Equipment and Machinery

For businesses involved in manufacturing or industrial services, our flatbed trailers provide a reliable solution for transporting heavy machinery and equipment. With sturdy construction and secure tie-down points, your valuable assets will reach their destination safely.

3. Agriculture and Farming

In the agricultural sector, flatbed trailers are indispensable for transporting large equipment, bales of hay, and other farm essentials. Our trailers are designed to withstand the demands of agricultural transportation, ensuring your farm operations run smoothly.

4. Energy and Infrastructure Projects

Whether you're involved in energy infrastructure or renewable energy projects, our flatbed trailers are equipped to transport components like wind turbine blades, solar panels, and other large equipment crucial for energy development.