Open End Steel 'Super B' Bulkers

Special Promotion on Bulker Units from TIP Canada!

Bulk Carriers (AKA Bulkers) transport mass quantities of dry bulk cargo to maximize capacity, efficiency and overall cost. Take for example, shipping loaves of bread in a regular trailer as opposed to only grain in a bulker – incomparable.  However, that’s what make these carriers ideal for their specific purpose: shipping mass quantities of unpackaged bulk cargo.

Mass savings cargo Canada

Typical bulkers are designed for grains and granular fertilizers but these can also handle sands and oil materials! With a lead unit capacity of 1,435 cu ft. and 1,555 cu ft. in the rear, these units provide the quantity and quality you require to safely transport your goods.

As we’ve seen a rise in demand for bulk transportation in Canada, we’re excited to offer a special promo! Contact us today to learn more and get MASS savings for MASS cargo shipping.


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